Sore throat / strep throat

Your throat is hurting – is it strep? The most common cause of a sore throat is a viral infection, such as a cold. Allergies, postnasal drip and cigarette smoke can also make your throat hurt. When a sore throat is caused by bacteria, you may have strep throat. Strep is contagious and requires antibiotic treatment. We can do a strep test, and get you on the right treatment plan.

What to expect at your visit

1 Sign in at the electronic kiosk to see a nurse practitioner or physician assistant. No appointment necessary.
2 We will review your medical history, discuss your symptoms and perform an evaluation. We may administer a rapid strep test in the clinic, and if that test is negative, we may send another/follow up test to a lab.
3 We will review your results and discuss
a treatment plan.
4 We'll give you a visit summary and send it to your primary care provider with your permission.
5 Please note that additional charges apply for labs and tests. Visit our labs & tests page for these fees.

What to know before your visit

  • Patients may require a strep test – do not eat or drink for 20 minutes before visit
  • Patients with the following may be referred to another care setting:
    • Severe illness (significant chest pain, abdominal pain, severe headache, etc.)