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Your questions answered

Here we answer some frequently asked questions about the seasonal flu vaccine.

Is MinuteClinic offering flu shots this year?
Yes. The flu shot will be available every day at all MinuteClinic locations during regular hours of operation while supplies last.
Does the flu shot protect me from the H1N1 flu?
Yes, protection against the H1N1 flu is included in the 2012-2013 seasonal flu vaccine. The 2012-2013 flu vaccine will protect against an influenza A (H1N1) virus, an influenza A (H3N2) virus and an influenza B virus.
Do I need an appointment?
As always, no appointment is necessary. Patients are seen on a first-come, first-served basis.
Why should I get the flu shot?
The influenza (flu) virus is a contagious respiratory illness that can cause mild to severe symptoms. The single best way to prevent the flu is by getting a flu vaccination each fall.
I got the flu shot last year. Do I need to get it again this year?
Yes. Flu viruses change from year to year, and the vaccine is updated annually to provide protection against current viruses.
How does the flu shot work?
Approximately two weeks after receiving the flu shot, the vaccination causes antibodies to develop in the body, which provides protection against the flu.
How much do flu shots cost?
MinuteClinic accepts most insurance plans for flu shots, including Medicare. However, each plan is different so contact your insurance company to learn more about your flu shot coverage. Flu shots cost $31.99 each or your insurance copay, where applicable.
Who administers flu shots at MinuteClinic?
MinuteClinic's team of medical professionals, including family nurse practitioners and physician assistants, administer each flu shot.
What ages does MinuteClinic vaccinate?
MinuteClinic administers flu shots to children 18 months and older (24 months and older in Massachusetts, 5 years and older in Connecticut) and adults. MinuteClinic is in full compliance with the Centers for Disease Control guidelines for individuals eligible to receive the influenza vaccine. Patients are vaccinated if there are no contraindications.
Is there anyone who shouldn't get the flu shot?
Some people should not be vaccinated without first consulting their primary care provider, including those with a severe allergy to chicken eggs and those who have experienced a severe reaction to an influenza vaccination in the past.
Can I get the flu from the flu shot?
No. The flu shot does not contain any live viruses, so you cannot get the flu from the flu shot. Some minor side effects may include soreness, redness, aching or swelling at the site of the injection for up to 48 hours after receiving the shot.
What type of vaccine does MinuteClinic use?
For the 2012-2013 influenza season, MinuteClinic offers the following flu vaccines approved by the Food and Drug Administration:
  • Sanofi Fluzone® - Children/Adult vaccine (Ages 18 months +)
  • Sanofi Fluzone® High-Dose – Adult vaccine (Ages 65 years +)
  • Sanofi Fluzone® Intradermal – Adult vaccine (Ages 18-64 years)
  • Merck Afluria® - Children/Adult vaccine (Ages 9 years+)
Does MinuteClinic offer flu vaccine without thimerosal?
Thimerosal is a mercury-containing preservative used in some vaccines. MinuteClinic offers Fluzone vaccines without thimerosal (thimerosal-free) or preservatives (preservative-free). In addition, Fluzone and Fluvirin vaccines are available without latex (latex-free).

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