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Ensuring Quality

The heart of MinuteClinic’s quality control is our clinicians utiliziation of the Electronic Medical Records system. Guided by our proprietary software, our system ensures that procedures are followed consistently. And, it alerts practitioners when a patient should be referred elsewhere.

Proprietary Software

Our Electronic Medical Records system uses sophisticated logic and dynamic processes to work as a "checklist.” It allows clinicians to proceed logically through the medical exam, prompting them to complete important checkpoints embedded into the system before moving forward.

The system’s proprietary software is based on established national clinical practice guidelines. By following these guidelines, we ensure that the care you receive from our practitioners is consistent with the most current medical research and best practices.

Our nurse practitioners and physician assistants will only issue a prescription when medically appropriate. Based on your medical history, the practitioner utilizes the system to check your prescription and ensure there are no drug interactions or drug allergies.

Our system also makes records available at any MinuteClinic location nationwide.

Continuous Improvement

Our proprietary Electronic Medical Records system includes an automated chart review process to ensure continuous improvement. This automated process submits a selection of patient medical charts for review by other practitioners, as well as by the board-certified physicians who serve as MinuteClinic’s medical directors.

Peer-to-peer review gives MinuteClinic nurse practitioners and physician assistants the chance to learn from and coach each other. By reviewing the care provided by another advanced practice health care professional, nurse practitioners or physician assistants can learn from their colleagues. They also can share with each other ways to improve the level of health care patients receive.

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